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» Chaves water springs

Modern, Cultural and Entertaining

The archaeological vestiges and testimonies spread all over its area are numberless. They testify the strategic importance of this valley for whom, throughout the history, made it their homeland.
Its historical centre is developed around the castle – from which only remains the donjon – and its walls.
No one is indifferent to the medieval narrow streets with the characteristic balconies.
To the visitor, Chaves also offers, as reference places, Forte de São Francisco, Forte de São Neutel, bastions of the defence of the town and nationality against the French invasions.
A short walk along Aquae Flaviae will permit to admire the millenary Roman Bridge, Romanic and Baroque churches, courtier buildings and thematic museums.

A town emerging from the waters

Located downtown, Chaves thermal springs are placed between the River Tâmega and the magnificent gardens in the right river bank.
The present thermal complex is the development of a water spring of mineral hot water which pertained to Emperor Tito Flávio Vespasiano.

The value of this gift of Nature guides to the foundation of a town essentially directed to the use of its hot waters. The warrant of opening of the thermal resort dates from 1899.
Aquae Flaviae (Flavio’s waters), the town which lately would be named Chaves, has never forgotten its origins and pays homage to its Thermal Spring calling «Flavienses» to its inhabitants.
In September 2003, they were honoured by INATEL with the prize to the Best Thermal Unit 2002.

Physic and chemical characteristics of the water-Water with bicarbonate of soda, fluoride and carbon
Temperature-73o C
pH at 20oC -6,63
Electric conductivity-2,2 mScm -1
Alkalinity -273 mIN/10
Dry residue (a 180oC) -1600mg/L
Hardness -7,2
Silica (SiO 2 ) -81 mg/L
Fluoride (F) -7,2 mg/L
Mineralizaçao -2490,2 mg/L
Mineralization (CO 2) -0,55 mg/L

Chaves water springs

For being hot, they are proper to the treatment of rheumatic and muscle-skeletal diseases, due to its anti-inflammatory action.
For having bicarbonate of soda they are suitable to the treatment of the digestive system.
For having, also, silica they are appropriated to the treatment of skin.

Treatments and means or cure:

- Sub-aquatic bath;
- Vichy bath;
- Hydromassage;
- Stream showers;
- Bertholet;
- Sauna;
- Inhalations;
- Aerosols;
- Mechanotherapy;
- Electrotherapy;
- Therapy with mineral water

Hipper thermal
The hottest waters in the Peninsula Ibérica

Chaves’s thermal waters gather a group of characteristics and proprieties that make them singular.

The temperature of the water at the water spring is about 73º degrees, through the whole year, which makes them the hottest waters of the Península Ibérica and the waters with bicarbonate of soda of the entire Europe.
Curiously, that temperature is reached not because they are of volcanic provenience but because they pass through successive magmatic layers.
Because «Caldas de Chaves» are probably the oddest thermal springs of the country, they have been object of several scientific studies (mainly of several thesis in medicine).

The thermal resort
Tradition and modernity in the way of excellence

Under the lemma «Tradition and modernity in the way of excellence», during the latest years, great investments have been done in order to qualify the thermal resort.
The specialised services of balneotherapy – hydromassage by computer, simple and vichy shower bath, steam bath and inhalations/ aerosols - have been improved.

But we want even more…
We want to attend even better who is visiting us

In 2004 the project of rejuvenation of the now existing installations will be accomplished, directing Chaves Thermal Springs not only to health but also to the well-being and thermal leisure. An investment of more than 2 million euros to guarantee the perfect satisfaction of our customers.

Therapeutic vocations:

- Rheumatic and muscle-skeletal diseases;
- Diseases of the digestive system;
- Chronic and allergic diseases of the respiratory system;
- Dermatologic diseases.

Chaves - To stay and return

The flaviense region has, in its thermal springs, a solid pillar of touristic development.
Because of the importance achieved across the ages, they compose a prior polo of promotion contributing, in large scale, to the more than 110 thousand lodgings in the council during 2003.
Chaves offers nowadays 1388 bedrooms among 2, 3 and 4 star hotels.
On the other hand, the faviense gastronomy imposes itself by its famous ham and «pastéis de Chaves», «alheiras» (a garlic sausage made of breadcrumbs and minced meat), «folar» (easter-gift) and other appetizing food such as «milhos», smoked meat rice, lamb, «feijoada à transmontana» and a dish made of boiled bits of pork, always available, always well confected, in more than 100 restaurants.


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